Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alright, let's discuss that Batman V Superman trailer..

This is one of those trailers that I have been anticipating my entire life. My first significant memory, besides that of my parents, is watching the Ruby Spears Superman and the awesome(read horrendous now) Superboy tv show and since then I have tried to get my hands on everything Superman.

The trailer starts in the most amazing voice of Jeremy Irons which depicts how Superman is being perceived by the human race. We hear different viewpoints from different people very much like the Dark knight returns graphic novel where after every series of notable events a newsflash would be shown to build excitement. It is here that we hear (Jesse)Eisenberg's Luthor for the first time. I still have my doubts regarding Eisenberg since I have seen the actor only in those fidgety and nerdy roles and I think Luthor needs to be charming and conflicted to be portrayed effectively. I hope they adapt the character from Superman: Red Son & Lex Luthor: Man of Steel as those were my favorite renditions of the character. Zack Snyder gives us some truly amazing Superman imagery again specially when he is in the distant sky and someone is extending a hand to him asking for help. We also see Superman standing with some soldiers or a cult maybe, kneeling in front of him very much like Injustice: Gods Among us, one of my favorite ongoing comic book series.

With all of this animosity the trailers build towards Batman and we get our first image of Affleck's Bruce Wayne looking grimly at the Batman costume.

 I love the Dark Knight trilogy but at least in the costume department Snyder has done a good job in differentiating his take from Nolan's iconic work in the genre.

We see multiple shots of Affleck's hulk of a Batman on top of a building, getting out of some wreckage and even the new BatMobile.

Then we get to the final shot of Affleck asking our beloved Kryptonian:
" Do you bleed?...You WILL".

There is only one guy who can ask this from Superman and he just did so I cannot be more excited.
In case you missed the trailer here it is: